The Icom M700Pro has been a very popular SSB from Icom for over a decade, this easy to use workhorse has a die cast aluminum chassis for RF shielding and heat dispertion and making it a ruged and durable device.
 There are no multi function keys all keys are dedicated and the green LCD backlit display does not effect night vision.
 The Icom M700Pro has 150 programmable memories, with 3 channels (a,b,c) of 50 each and the ability to use your pc for programing.
 The Icom M700Pro has a NMEA 0813 remote connection and 2 DIN connectors for optional accesories.
2182KHz distress channel reset saves time in an emergency.
 Email ready for SeaWave or Globe Wireless (needs optional filter) for another way to keep in touch while at sea.
 The Icom M700Pro must be mounted in a dry location with plenty of ventilation.
Icom is always a good choice and I think anyone would be happy with the M700Pro.