The Standard Horizon Matrix AIS GX2100 is a commercial grade class D VHF radio with a AIS receiver that displays target vessel information on a bright LCD display. 
  Use DSC (Digital Selective Calling) to contact AIS target vessels with the GX2100's dedicated channel 70 receiver.
  You can "poll" a vessel to show its call sign, ship name, bearing and distance on the display. When interfaced with a plotter, AIS information is displayed on the plotter screen.
 The DSC distress function digital MayDay, transmits vessel ID, LAT & LONG and time of signal.
 The Standard Horizon GX2100s CPA (Closest Point of Approach) Alarm lets you know if a target vesel is to close to your location.
 There is a Loud Hailer and Fog signal with listen back, VHF can also be heard when the Loud Hailer or Fog mode is selected.
 100 waypoint can be stored and the display shows COG, SOG, BRG & DST when navigating to a waypoint
 10 NOAA weather channels and weather alert are available, and the GX2100 is waterproof to IPX7 standards, and has NMEA input/output capability.
 AIS is built in, but the GX2100 needs to be connected to a GPS to show targets.
 The optional RAM3 remote mic with display has controls for all functions and shows AIS target information.
 The Standard Horizon Matrix AIS GX2100 is an award winning VHF radio that is worth your consideration.