The Garmin GPSMAP 440 series is a compact and affordable GPS plotter. It comes in  four versions, the 440 (basic) 440s (sounder) 440x (XM satellite weather) and the 440sx (sounder & XM weather). The device comes with a tilt swivel mount, protective  cover, power/data cable and owners manual. The 440s also includes a transducer and the 440x comes with a GXM antenna.
 The 440 series has a 4" diagonal ultra bright screen and intuitive interface. There are US coastal charts pre loaded and world basemap. There is no free internal memory, but the 440 has a SD card slot behind a door on the front of the device for adding additional maps.
 With the optional BlueChart g2 Vision SD card you get:
 3D mariner's eye view or fish eye view provides you with a 3-dimensional perspective of map information, both above the waterline and below it.
 High-resolution satellite images and aerial photographs help you orient yourself in unfamiliar areas.
Auto guidance technology searches through all relevant charts to create a route you can actually follow - one that avoids obstacles, shallow water, buoys and other obstructions.
 A quick press of the Power button gives you two options, Back Light or Day/Night Mode, use the Rocker to adjust.
 Use the home screen to access the six main pages, Chart, Sonar, Chart/Sonar, Where To, Information and Configure.
Where To gives you five options, fuel, repair, all services, waypoint and route. You have 1500 waypoints with 70 symbols and 20 routes.
 On the Information page click Tide, for tide tables or Celestial, for sun and moon rise and set. There is also Current, User Data and if you have a Automatic Identification System, Other Boats options.
 On the Configuration page you have Alarms with four options, Navigation with anchor drag, arrival and off course alarms, System with clock, battery and GPS accuracy alarms, Sonar (if you have a transducer) with shallow water, deep water, water temp and fish alarms and Weather (with a GXM 31 antenna) alarms.
 There is an extensive list of Alarms and Messages in the appendix that are viewed on-screen.
The Garmin GPSMAP 440 is a good choice for a small boat where space is limited, or a remote for a larger plotter on a  bigger boat.